Welcome to Basset Hound Rescue UK

We will take in ANY Basset Hound in need of a new home

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NO QUESTIONS ASKED - Please contact me

Please contact me if you have problems with your Basset, after having them myself for many years, I can help. OR if problems cannot be overcome I will have them, I don't care what they do or have done, we = my Bassets and I can help them.

EX breeding females are very welcome

We will help them and find loving homes. Please don't have them put down, they deserve a chance of a life.

I will take in ANY Basset Hound in need of a new home

Age or gender immaterial. No matter what the problem, contact me maybe I can help. No Basset is refused, anything will be dealt with and a new forever home found for him / her. I have owned Basset Hounds for many years and know the breed inside out. They will have my support for life.

Stop Puppy Farming Now

There are many thousands of bitches being bred to death in appalling conditions in farms. Please sign this petition to help prevent this from happening.

Fund Raising

Remember, it’s not just the big Rescues that need your help; the UK is full of smaller independent Rescues who are crying out for support and funds.

Photo Gallery

With the help of my own dogs - We have rehabilitated and re-homed successfully many Basset Hounds to a new happy home.