About the rescue

How I do things here at Basset Rescue UK by Lyn Bailey.
Maybe your circumstances have changed or you just cannot cope.
It is VERY important for your Basset to go through rehabilitation within a pack. They need to recover from the past, even coming from a very loving home, they need an experienced person to help them.
I never use fosters, how can they have the experience needed.
My own dogs all help new comers settle in. They play together in the yard and field at the side of my home. They share my home with my own dogs.
I WILL NEVER REFUSE A BASSET AND WILL WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED HOW HE / SHE IS DOING, both here in the pack and when they go to their new forever families.
It is not easy to have to part with loved ones I know. I will make it as easy as possible for you. You can TRUST ME to do my very best for your Basset.
DOGS OF ALL BREEDS ARE MY LIFE, but Basset’s in particular, I have had Basset Hounds in my life for around 40 years.
I am based near Ludlow Shropshire. I use a DEFRA licensed driver to collect any dogs if needed.
All of my rescues are properly assessed and cared for by myself.
They are NOT kept kennelled, they live in a pack, this helps with rehab and adjustment and enables them to fit in their new homes as more balanced dogs
IT WORKS Take a look at the pictures !
Please be sure you send a friend request, on my Facebook page,( before sending a private message) https://www.facebook.com/Lynbailey000

I am here 24/7 caring for the Basset’s and training when needed. My own dogs help too, they help them adjust to leaving their last home and become a welcome member of the pack.
Any treatments needed, such as, neutering, spaying, vaccinations, worming any vet treatments, plus collection when needed.
Sometimes I have dogs in that need a lot of expensive treatments or long term medications for an adopted dog that has an illness.
Adoption donations help cover costs.
I match the Basset’s NEEDS to potential new homes offered. IT WORKS.
As you will see in the pictures, the Basset’s run around my yards or field, they are not kept kennelled. They all get on really well living as a pack. New dogs very soon settle into the pack, sometimes it takes just minutes.
They stay with me until a suitable home for THEM is found. It may take weeks or months if needed.
IF a placement does not work out (very rare) they must be returned to me.
Donation adoption fee’s apply, depending on what was involved. But from around £250 usually is a rough guide.
Potential new owners need to describe the home they offer = Hours worked, children, ages. Other dogs, ages, breed. etc Sent by email, I file this and contact you when I have a Basset seeking a home.
My email address = lynbailey32@yahoo.com
Dogs are my life, always have been. All animals are important to me, dogs are my first love