Fundraising & Donations

by cariadcampaign

I work alone with the occasional help from my lodger who goes to collect Bassets in need of help – We are always in need of funds as currently it’s money from my pension and the money I receive from renting a room.

I have just recently had some VERY KIND PEOPLE MAKE SOME DONATIONS. I do now have a small fund for the first time ever which is fantastic. We have bought food with the money donated to date and have left £100 which is being saved to collect any Basset’s in need.

Remember, it’s not just the big Rescues that need your help; the UK is full of smaller independent Rescues who are crying out for support and funds.

Please visit my Facebook Fundraising page (

This Facebook page is set up for you to donate items. You post a picture of the item’s and price including postage. The highest bidder wins.

You can donate by cheque made out to Lyn Bailey charity account and can be sent to my Son’s address (for security reasons). The address is Unit 3, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1PA which is just a few miles from me.  Or you can always donate via Paypal using the link at the bottom of this page.

Many thanks for all your support